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 Memory Map and GPX Downloads

Gary Wales
Memory Map and GPX Downloads 06 Aug 2008
I have made some changes to the GPX system that should make our files more compatible with Memory Map 4.

I would be grateful if somebody could let me know if our GPX files will now open directly in MM4.



Neil Cuthbert
Re: Memory Map and GPX Downloads 06 Aug 2008
I opened the northern route for An Sgarsoch and Carn an Fhidhleir using MM5 and it worked fine.

Didn't try and download to my Magellan GPS yet.

So far so good...


Gary Wales
Re: Memory Map and GPX Downloads 06 Aug 2008
Cheers Neil!


Andy Clark
Re: Memory Map and GPX Downloads 06 Aug 2008
I`ve never had any problem with the GPX files and memory map since it all went live, always worked perfectly with version 5.

mackenzie barker
Re: Memory Map and GPX Downloads 28 Aug 2008

hey i've been using the downloadable routes from this website and they're very helpfull and let me say thanks whoever's idea it was. but i went to download the route for a couple corbets in the borders the other day and they weren't there. is this a work in progress or are you not doing them? i just took my mapping software and made one up for the routes but just want to know if you've got it on the way.

and what you guys are doing is it your original idea? or can i find other routes on other websites i'd like some of the fells in the lake distict. any one know if anywhere else offeree the same superb services that does.


David Harbottle
Re: Memory Map and GPX Downloads 28 Aug 2008
Check this out:

Gary Wales
Re: Memory Map and GPX Downloads 04 Sep 2008

Corbetts are in the works and should be available fairly soon. There is quite a lot of work in preparing and checking the routes since we are no longer giving broad directions and leaving the user to use their common sense. GPS says go and stand there at that point and we need to check these carefully.

We also have all the equivalent tops in England and Wales close to complete in the same format so anything over 2500 ft in Great Britain will soon be on here.

There are a good few sites that offer you GPX downloads but the quality varies enormously. You can also get a disc from the SMC with GPX routes for around a £10.

Some routes are so full of waypoints you can't walk 5 meters without picking a new bearing! This is fairly typical where tracklogs are being offered as routes. Our philosophy is to only offer waypoints where they are needed, the fewer the better as long as the route remains clear to follow and in zero visibility you can follow the waypoints to safety.