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 Stuchd an Lochain & Meall Buidhe

Chris Bowles
Stuchd an Lochain & Meall Buidhe 05 Nov 2007

Looking to do this route in a few weeks time, i know that you can tackle these hills from the car park, returning past your car to climb the other (whichever you choose to do last).

However i wondered if anyone had gone around Lochan Daimh climbing the corbett Sron a Choire Chnapanich en route making a circular route. I would like to know how long it took and if its demanding at all.



Mike Watson
Re: Stuchd an Lochain & Meall Buidhe 05 Nov 2007
We did Stuchd an Lochain plus the 2 corbetts but started from Pubil (we were with someone doing a round of both tick lists hence the big day). We also left Meall Buidhe for another day.

Robert Healey
Re: Stuchd an Lochain & Meall Buidhe 18 Nov 2007

Don't go from the car to the first summit then backtrack and then go the second summit and return to your car, far too boring. I climbed both mountains in one circuit in July last year. It was a fantastic day out, one of the best days I have had in Scotland. The round trip took me 8 hours. The descent from Sron a Choire Chapnaich is quite steep. The reascent to the first top on the North side of the Loch is relatively short. Try and choose a good day, you will have agreat time.


Chris Bowles
Re: Stuchd an Lochain & Meall Buidhe 18 Nov 2007

Thanks for the advise, I will probably save this route for next year then if it takes that long. You are right, the route that is often described doesn't seem to do the hills justice. Much prefer a circular route.  




Peter Lang
Re: Stuchd an Lochain & Meall Buidhe 21 Nov 2007

the short trips to each summit give many options, like graham  brother and I did something different. We climbed  stucd an Lochain at dusk/sunset after driving up after work then camped at dam and climbed meall Buidhe at dawn returned to camp for fantastic breakfast then Tarmachan ridge in the afternoon. variety of life, so many options to be had on  our wonderful hills.