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 Ciste Duibhe

John Wilkie
Ciste Duibhe 18 Aug 2007
Has anyone attempted to add Ciste Duibhe to Saileag, Aonach Meadhoin & Sgurr a Bhealaich Dheirg? (Glen Shiel)


Kevin Yule
Re: Ciste Duibhe 20 Aug 2007

I haven't done this, but the combo is suggested by Cameron McNeish going clockwise from GlenLicht house in the north.

Looking at the map, my preference would be to try from the Cluanie Inn in either direction, but it leaves you with the problem of trasnport either end, but tere is a regular bus service, or "ferry" from the Inn if staying there!)

Would be interested in how you get on as this is a planned route next time I'm in Glen Shiel as is the Forcan ridge.


Peter Lang
Re: Ciste Duibhe 20 Aug 2007


did these 4 a few years ago on return from a superb sunny week in Skye

Tired legs meant more a crawl until onto N Glen shiel ridge proper

We started with walk up glen from Clachaig to base Ciste Dhubh (superb wee ridge to fine summit)

then return to bealach and good route on firm ground to main N Glen shiel ridge and easy traverse along to Saileag and descent from bealach to main road and waiting 2nd car.

No problem and highlight was definitely Ciste Dhubh - Aonach Meadhoin, also due to rest being in clag and mere lumps in high level ridge traverse. 




Mike Watson
Re: Ciste Duibhe 20 Aug 2007
Yes its doable.

We did the 1st 3 last year (Saileag, Aonach Meadhoin & Sgurr a Bhealaich Dheirg) and then decided to call it a day. However one of our party carried on, he looked pretty knackered when he eventually got back to the hostel..

We left a car at the start, one at the finish for doing only 3 hills and a final one at the the Cluanie Inn. (We were a party of 4)

Heres a photo of Bob on his way to it in fact.