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 Quiet Hills

Andrew Prentice
Quiet Hills 14 Mar 2015
A bit quiet on the forums recently - just like my walk on Beinn Sgritheall today! Beautiful clear day - hazy in the morning but the views seemed to be clearing as the day went on. The breeze was a bit cold at times but it was patchy and not particularly strong. However, I met no other walkers while on the hill and only saw one couple come off the hill even when I took a couple of hours at the bottom relaxing and eating my lunch in Arnisdale. I guess Sgritheall is a bit out of the way, but I expected to meet a lot more walkers.

I think the couple I did see may have been the mighty Dave McSporran and a friend?? I offered the lady a lift back to car if she'd needed it (and might have taken the man too!)

For walkers who only really go out in summer once the bulk of the snow has shifted, it may be interesting to note that the only snow below 1000m on the hills I could see, was in North to East facing corries plus a couple of small remnants.

David McSporran
Re: Quiet Hills 15 Mar 2015
Hi Andrew,

Yep I was on Beinn Sgritheall yesterday but I was on my own and didn't see anyone else all day.

I took the path which starts at NG 818 119 a couple of km west of Arnisdale up to the foot of the west ridge and was on the summit just before noon before heading over to the north top (I'm mopping up tops these days) and back down the same way. I guess you started from Arnisdale itself?

Sorry I missed you!

As you say, a definite reduction in snow over the last couple of weeks, although I was on The Saddle on Friday and there's still quite a bit on the northern aspects of the Glen Shiel hills.

Colin Fagan
Re: Quiet Hills 15 Mar 2015
Hi David  Would you say the forcan ridge is now in summer condition? I was planning to get up this weekend hopeing for winter or alpine conditions 
but could'nt get out unfortunately.

David McSporran
Re: Quiet Hills 15 Mar 2015
I came in from the Shiel Bridge side over the westerly tops on Friday rather than via the Forcan Ridge but there's still a fair bit of snow around, especially on the north facing slopes.

This photo gives you an idea of the conditions on The Saddle at the moment although it's disappearing rapidly....

 The Saddle at the head of Coire Uaine from the summit of Spidean Dhomhuill Bhric

Colin Fagan
Re: Quiet Hills 15 Mar 2015
Cheers for that David. 

Andrew Prentice
Re: Quiet Hills 15 Mar 2015
Ah well David. I must have missed you on the summit by only half an hour or so. I did come in from the Arnisdale side though nearly went down the West ridge. Not even sure why I changed my mind. Like I say, I saw no-one on the hill and just this one couple maybe two hours after I got back to Arnisdale. I logged the walk that night and saw you had also logged it on the same day and just wondered if it had been you.

I know there was more snow in the North facing side on Beinn Sgritheall than on the slopes I walked. However, I'm still surprised by just how much snow there was on the North side of the Saddle. It's not that much higher than Sgritheall.

Hope you enjoy the Forcan ridge Colin - It was one of my first scrambles and brings back fond memories. I have to say I did it in July so was more worried about midges than snow or ice!

Richard Reid
Re: Quiet Hills 19 Mar 2015
Its good to see a post on this at last the whole thing seems to have died a death in the last year or so.It used to be such a busy forum aswell with loads of good banter and chat about the hills.I wonder why it is so quiet now?

Brian Howarth
Re: Quiet Hills 07 Apr 2015
It's been very quiet of late.  First log in for a while and good to see a few threads.

Alistair David MacLeod
Re: Quiet Hills 16 Nov 2015
"The other" website has its attractions eg walkers' logs with lots photos, etc.  I used to read Munromagic forums a few years ago but like many forums it tended to be hogged by know-it-alls and became quite tedious.  In fact the only reason I've kept up my sub is that I occasionally like to refer my few previous logs - and because I'm familiar with the format and like to print off the occasional route map. 
There's only so much you can write about a hill - things do seem to repeat themselves after a while.
The website doesn't feel fresh. Many entries are years old. I don't know how it can be jazzed up. Maybe some of the younger members have suggestions?  I suspect the "owners" have also lost their initial enthusiasm and wonder just how long it will be before the website is wound up for good.
Sorry if this all sounds a bit depressing - but others may share some of these feelings and not be so keen to post.  Maybe they just tweet these days.

Gareth Lynn
Re: Quiet Hills 29 Nov 2015

Hi Alistair

I joined here back in the day and can honestly say the forum was a real vibrant busy place to be involved with. Yes we had disagreements but nothing too bad apart for one arranged meeting to fight in glencoe :-)

Why have the forums died?

My views are this and sorry if the mods find this hard to read but I'm only putting forward my point of view.

The main reason talking to the ex regular posters where that the forums where way too heavily moderated. (see submission requirments below)
The likes of other outdoors forums do not have anything like this type of moderation.

The cost is prohibitive to some. Many other outdoor sites offer better facilities for free.

As you have mentioned the website is now tired and outdated.

I find this very sad as at the time not only was I new to the outdoors but new to Scotland and I can say through this forum I learn't a hell of a lot about the outdoors and I have made some lifelong friends whome not only do I regularly go climbing and hill walking with but also socialise with on a regular basis.

I'll cut you a deal I'll post something once a week that meets submission requirements if you promise to do the same?