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Nick Bulbeck
Windmills... 02 Oct 2014
So, a completely different perspective. Two things I did like about Bowbeat Windfarm in the Moorfoot Hillls today:

1) Windmills are creepily atmospheric flying above your heid in a strong wind.

2) (And more to the point) on the five-mile wade through knee-deep heather between Blackhope Scar and Dundreich, a mile or so of windfarm access road was decidedly welcome. I'd probably still be halfway up Bowbeat Hill without it. 

I suppose it's an ill windfarm as blows naebody good.

Just while we're on the subject of the Moorfoots, Dundreich Hill itself is a very good viewpoint and the going is relatively easy on top; so the ascent via the track from the A701 would make a surprisingly good half day if you're in the area.