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Kevin Mckeown
49ers 20 Apr 2014
Last 49 to go and I've got around 2yrs to complete  

Nick Bulbeck
Re: 49ers 22 Apr 2014
Er - apologies if this is a stupid question, Kev, but what's happening in two years' time? 

James Seaman
Re: 49ers 29 Aug 2014
He turns old!  


Nick Bulbeck
Re: 49ers 31 Aug 2014
… happens to the best of us...

James Seaman
Re: 49ers 04 Sep 2014
true that nick.. feeling it in my bones already! 

Nick Bulbeck
Re: 49ers 08 Sep 2014
Bones are OK at this end… having some minor trouble with an achilles tendon, though.