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 membership/mapping problems
Dave Kydd
membership/mapping problems 14 Dec 2013
I am still having problems with the maps. I have tried on google chrome and IE.11. It is worse now as when I try to get the OS mapping it comes up saying I need to be a member or to log in after doing so the cycle repeats. Sometimes the main map comes up with the mountains overlaid on the map and sometimes its blank. When the mountains are visible they are all coloured blue and not red for the ones I have completed due to the signing in problems

Neil Cuthbert
Re: membership/mapping problems 16 Dec 2013
Tried to view the map using safari (OS X 10.9) all mountains blue no red ones... 

Neil Cuthbert
Re: membership/mapping problems 29 Dec 2013
Still getting the same issue (same browser & OS).
Dave Kydd
Re: membership/mapping problems 30 Dec 2013

All issues with signing in and mapping resolved.
It appears it was a cookies problem, I deleted all cookies in internet explorer 10 and everything is working fine now in all browsers including Google chrome.
I found using the new internet explorer 11 was giving some of the same issues so I went back to IE10 and I have been problem free for about a week now.
Hope this helps.  



Neil Cuthbert
Re: membership/mapping problems 06 Jan 2014
Just tested again and still not working for me...