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 Munro maps broken

Chris Wild
Munro maps broken 22 Nov 2013

It seems that the interactive Munro maps are broken eg.

None of the mountains are appearing and the status stays at "loading..."

Anyone else having this problem?
Carlo Fedi
Re: Munro maps broken 22 Nov 2013
yeah!!! not been working for a couple of days at least

Gary Wales
Re: Munro maps broken 23 Nov 2013
Hi All,

Sincere apologies for this, it seems that Google have made some changes to how they want you to interface with their system which results in our overlays no longer working.

We are working on a solution and will get it fixed as soon as we can (by tomorrow).


William Deans
Re: Munro maps broken 27 Nov 2013
I have always had this problem, from every computer I use regardless of OS, browser, IP address, office computer, home computer, mobile device.
Flagged it before, either last year or the year before. I found a workaround by going to a forum, viewing a post then going back to home and then loading up the map. Now I can do nothing to bring up this overlay.

Chris Wild
Re: Munro maps broken 27 Nov 2013
The maps are back, but the location has moved. If you select 'Search' and then 'the munro map' in the main menu you will end up at a working map. The 'search by map' link on the main page still takes you to the old map, which is broken. I have informed the Munromagic admin.

The working munro map is here  (At least it works for me in Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7)