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Stephen Maxwell
Pronunciations 03 Jul 2013

Dear Munro Magic,

Would there be any chance of having the pronunciations of the Munro's added somewhere next to the name of the Munro.


Stephen Maxwell
Re: Pronunciations 03 Jul 2013
lol don't quite know whats happened there :S

David McSporran
Re: Pronunciations 04 Jul 2013

Pronunciations are one of the main features of MunroMagic - just click on the loudspeaker symbol to the right of the mountain name.


Stephen Maxwell
Re: Pronunciations 04 Jul 2013

Thanks for the tip, brilliant little feature. 

Graham Mcmillan
Re: Pronunciations 10 Jul 2017
the pronunciation feature has stopped working for me-- any ideas
Damian Gilkes
Re: Pronunciations 19 Mar 2018
The pronunciation feature is still not working for me - is it just me or everyone that is affected