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 Paramo Aspira Smock

Gareth Lynn
Paramo Aspira Smock 15 Jun 2013

An used Paramo Aspira Smock size Small

It's about 4 years old and had light use.

It has just been washed and reproofed.

There is a small tear by the cuff but can be repaired with a couple of stitches with a needle and thread.

There is loads of life left in this bombproof Jacket.

I've admitted defeat and realized that my middle aged spread is too much for this jacket and unfortunately it doesn't and will not fit me anymore :-(

£75 plus £5 for postage

Pm me if you require any more info or photos.



Neil Cuthbert
Re: Paramo Aspira Smock 25 Jun 2013
Hi Gaz

Is that the jacket you are wearing here?


Gareth Lynn
Re: Paramo Aspira Smock 27 Jun 2013

I'm sure it is Neil but that link just brings up loads of my photos??