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 Tarmachan Ridge

Louise Thompson
Tarmachan Ridge 30 May 2013
Is the Tarmachan Ridge suitable for dogs? Albeit pretty agile ones? Planning to head for that tomorrow, but was told that some scrambling on it could be hard for the dogs. Any onfo would be appreciated. I've planned to walk this several times and not done it yet!

David McSporran
Re: Tarmachan Ridge 30 May 2013

I did the Tarmachan Ridge in the days before I had a dog, but I would have no hesitation in taking mine over it now. If they're agile they'll be fine.
Only thing is that the ridge does narrow in places so maybe keep the lead handy if they're prone to running about.

Have a look at the MunroMagic gallery for Meall nan Tarmachan for an idea of what to expect.

Enjoy it and let us know how you get on.


Louise Thompson
Re: Tarmachan Ridge 30 May 2013
thanks David, I'll have a look just now. Looking forward to it!

John Gilchrist
Re: Tarmachan Ridge 03 Jun 2013
Hi Louise

Been across the ridge with a cocker spaniel who managed it without any problems whatsoever.  There is one relatively difficult drop - difficult for humans that is - but the dog found her own way round!  Dont they always?