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 Donalds Log

Peter Lang
Donalds Log 24 Jul 2012

just wondering wheter you have any plans to add donalds trips to the site?
enjoying visiting another part of scotland after Munros and  now corbett quest

I'd appreciate if this was possible as save having to use another site to record the ticks and my walking notes
 (walking highlands)
prefer to have them in all one place and loyal to MM

much preferable to look up your log and see all hill trips recorded ?

even an option to add hills that are not on current set up would be good - i.e a type of blank entry and fill in details yourself
so would be shown on route log?

hopefully this is something you can consider


Gary Wales
Re: Donalds Log 29 Jan 2013
Hi Peter,

Definitely something to consider. We are working on a whole new MM and thinking about what new features and content to include.



Peter Lang
Re: Donalds Log 30 Jan 2013
Thanks Gary

look forward to updated site with ability to add record for all hill outings to be included alongside Munro/corbett/donalds/grahams log

Douglas Mason
Re: Donalds Log 12 Apr 2013
I'd like to second the request for Donalds 

I've recently gotten my wife into hill walking, and the Donalds are a great introduction for her. Also gives me a good balance between going north with my mates for Munros, and then heading south with the wife for Donalds (while still getting to tick things off a list!)