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 Mount Keen this Saturday (30th July)

Ryan Russell
Mount Keen this Saturday (30th July) 25 Jun 2012
I've posted this on another forum I frequent but would be great to see some of the Munro Magic people there if anyone fancies it. You'll (hopefully) get to join in me and a few friends climbing our first Munro :)

Looking to climb Mount Keen this Saturday. No camping just a 1 day thing, head off about 9 from Aberdeen to get there about 10 and just head on up. Depending on time and mood might get in some of the nearby peaks as well but will decide on the day. Weather dependant of course, can't be assed getting as far as before just to find it horrible at the top and having to turn back.

Add your name if your coming:


Ryan Russell
Re: Mount Keen this Saturday (30th July) 27 Jun 2012
I'm speaking rubbish. It's not Mount Keen I plan on going up it's Lochnagar. Goodness knows why I got Mount Keen in my head.

Ryan Russell
Re: Mount Keen this Saturday (30th July) 29 Jun 2012
Ach, climb is off. Been foggy for the passed 3 days and I doubt it will be any different tomorrow.