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 Hello...New member just climbed An Teallach
Stuart Brady
Hello...New member just climbed An Teallach 06 Jun 2012
Hi Folks

New to the forum and back to walking in the mountains after a break of a few years.

I just had a fantastic week in the Ullapool area. When we arrived on Saturday 26th May, temperature was 29 deg C!

I planned to climb An Teallach during the week. I had originally planned the following Monday, but with friends staying for a long weekend I had to make it Tuesday. Unfortunately, it was the only day of the week with mist and low cloud. As I started the walk from Corrie Hallie...I did think about calling off and trying another day, but I was optimistic that things would clear up! They never really did....

I started well...getting to the summit of Sail Liathe is just under 2 hrs....quite good for an old-ish codger after a 5 year munro break! Things got a bit hairy after that....with low mist and cloud. Stupidly, I questioned my gps compass and ended up on a bit of a wild goose chase...heading too far west and climbing another peak not actually intended! I think it was on the way to Sgurr Ruadh! The mist cleared for a while and I realised my mistake...seeing the pinnacles in the distance. I probably lost a couple of hrs with my stupidity. It is amazing how you can lose your sense of direction and perspective with really need to be careful. I used to know that!!!

I eventually got back onto the correct route and got onto the pinnacles....quite a bit of scrambling...good fun, but probably quite stupid given the conditions, and the fact I was climbing alone! There seems to be endless routes to take, so it's a bit of a lottery. Sgurr Fiona was next and by the time I was scrambling to the summit of Ghlas Thuill...I was really struggling. I tore an achiles tendon last year, so this was a real test!

I finally got to the last summit and had decided to descend via Glas Thol. It's not a bad route, but very long when you are tired (and emotional!). I'd read about the famous rhododendren forest at the end and it is pretty bad, especially at the end of a long day, but I found a path through and it was a short walk to the car. I took 10 hrs to complete this route, but definitely lost a couple of hrs due to bad navigation and stupidity! I will not second guess my compass next time. Luckily I was staying in a great house with hot tub, so I was able to soothe my aching bones when I got back....with a glass or 2 of red!

So.....a fantastic mountain...but if possible do it on a clear day as my experience was ultimately spoiled by the cloud and mist. I only had fleeting views from the various summits, which was a real shame, given the conditions during the previous and following days.

I was quite anxious before doing this walk, but knowing what I know now...I'm sure it will be more enjoyable next time and hopefully I will have company...again, definitely a recommendation when tackling a mountain such as this.
Gerard Dougan
Re: Hello...New member just climbed An Teallach 10 Jun 2012
That sounds like quite an adventure :)