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 GPS tracklogs with too many points

Brian Howarth
GPS tracklogs with too many points 30 May 2012
Perhaps its just me, but I am noticing some tracklogs being uploaded to MM with thousands of trackpoints.  I always set my GPS to record point "least often" and then reduce the tracks to 10m error before uplaoding this way the most points I get are around 200.   There are two downsides to too many points 1. Losing the will to live when you "play" some tracklogs; and 2. They become completely unworkable as route downloads due to the excessive number of points.  Anyway that MM can limit the number of points in a route being submitted?

David McSporran
Re: GPS tracklogs with too many points 30 May 2012

Hi Brian,

The usual complaint is that MM cannot accept enough trackpoints as there is an upper limit!

The tracklog upload is designed primarily as a supplement to a member’s log to show exactly what was walked rather than as a resource to be downloaded by others, although the option to make a tracklog public obviously does give others guidance as to what it doable. The current system allows those who want to see every nuance of what was walked (warts and all) to do so, as well as those like yourself who are happy with a cut down version.

The threshold is currently set to allow the upload of a full day on the hill with the GPS set to auto record trackpoints. I imagine this would be most folk's default whether they realise it or not. Thinning of trackpoints requires additional software that not everyone will have.

Of course there is nothing to stop you downloading a tracklog and do the thinning yourself if you have the tools to do so.

Hope that helps explain things.