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 picture notes awkward to read

Peter Lang
Re: picture notes awkward to read 16 Apr 2012

I had been thinking of posting on same subject

just checked and still not showing caption in dark text

issue is when on mountain selection and click on link - view ALL (number) images of (name of hill) on picture gallery

shown all photos available and then individually click on each picture for a bigger view, the text is white below the photo and cannot be read unless drag picture/tet over a dark background

the difference is when on initial mountain selection and view the 4/5 most recent images shown and click on any of them the picture expands in a box with a border showing text clearly - can this set up not be applied to all pictures available in the gallery
much appreciated
Andrew Jackson
Re: picture notes awkward to read 17 Apr 2012
Hi Gary,

The ctrl/F5 has sorted it out for me. The border now darkens and the captions are shown in white wriitng. Spot on ! thanks for the help !

Andrew Jackson
Colin Hodgson
Re: picture notes awkward to read 02 May 2012
Hi again.
My problem relates specifically to the Mountain Images in the What's New section. When I enlarge them they enlarge with no border, no text and no caption, whereas there used to be a wee blurb with each of them.

Thanks, Colin
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