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 Hi Everybody!

Ryan Russell
Hi Everybody! 18 Feb 2012
Hey guys n gals,

I'm Ryan and I'm a 26 year old programmer from Aberdeen. I've liked walking for fun for ages now and have just started to get into hill walking. I also enjoy wild camping although I don't get to do it as often as I like to although this year I plan on making a lot more time for it. Hence my registration here, to find out more information about the hills around Scotland and to meet other people with like minded interests.

I'm also engaged and the missus, Gemma, is reluctantly at times getting into the hill walking as well. She's not much of a wild camper although I reckon it'll grow on her if I ease her in with some camp site camping first. She got me a decent penknife for Valentine's Day so she can't be that against it!

When I'm not walking up hills I spend a lot of time on the computer, mostly PC but I'm also seen on the Xbox now and then. In fact that's part of the reason for getting into the hills a bit more often, it turns out sitting in front of a computer screen about 14 hours a day isn't that good for you or your gut, who knew!

So I hope to be an active member here but I know what I'm like with internet forums, I tend to appear for a month then disappear for 5 but I'm sure this will be different (I didn't need to pay a tenner to join any of the others!)

Well I'm off for a look around and to post up a question about Lochnagar, be sure to check it out if you know that hill and I'll catch you later. 

tansy grigor-taylor
Re: Hi Everybody! 20 Feb 2012
hi ryan, i am from alford, not too far from you, and like you my other half doesn't manage to come to the hills with me too often. I am trying to work my way through the munroes and loving it, but its always better to have company especially in the winter . I work for myself so tend to take days off in the week if the forecast is good , so if you fancy an outing and some company let me know.

Ryan Russell
Re: Hi Everybody! 21 Feb 2012
Hey Tansy,

You wouldn't happen to be one of the lottery winners would you? If so yeah I'll walk with you! Haha just playing but yeah that would be cool but you should be warned that I'm most definitely an amateur. So it may be more frequent breaks than you are used to at least to begin with but I'm not terrible (was dying today at Lochnagar though but I'm totally blaming that on carrying my camping gear!)

I work a Monday to Friday 9 - 5 so weekdays don't really work for me unless it is bank holidays but give me a shout when you are thinking of heading out and I'll let you know.

I take it you've done Mount Keen and Lochnagar along with the nearby 4?

tansy grigor-taylor
Re: Hi Everybody! 26 Feb 2012
ha ha  - sadly no i havent won the lottery :-) never mind ! yes i have done most of the local hills to be honest, and am kinda looking for like minded folk to share the drives west to do soem further afeild ones. not easy !!!

Ryan Russell
Re: Hi Everybody! 28 Feb 2012
Oh well I'll still walk with you on the off chance you do win in the future ;) I'll get the local ones done then give you a shout when thinking of going further afield although you'd be welcome on the local ones as well if you wanted.