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 This is me...

Alison Bodie
This is me... 24 Aug 2011
Hi folks,

Thought I'd introduce myself... I've been making use of the route plans and maps on this site for over a year and finally registered.  It was great to see some clusters of red on the interactive Munro map - I can't wait to fill it all!  I've always enjoyed walking but last year made a pact with my best pal that we'd get all the Munros done before we're 50.  Some I had done before but I started from scratch so I could keep proper records and photos!  I couldn't possibly reveal my age but I reckon I've got plenty of time (injuries and unplanned pregnancies permitting!), based on an average of 16 per year.

This summer, despite the weather, we've clocked up a good few and we've now got to 46.  Planning Ben Nevis for our 50th Munro at the end of September.

Look forward to sharing stories and experiences with others, as well as seeking advice from those who have got the T-shirt.


Michael Kerrigan
Re: This is me... 24 Aug 2011


Welcome to the site.

As you couldn't possibly reveal your age would it be ungentlemanly of me to point out your age can be calculated as

50 - X,
where X is the Munros you have still to do (283-46) / average per year (16)

or would I have to specify the value of X before being considered a cheeky buggar.

Seriously though there are usually a few people willing to advise on anything so just ask.

Maybe see you out on a hill sometime.

Michael K


Peter Tindal
Re: This is me... 24 Aug 2011
Too complex for me to even think about trying to work it out. All I know if I was to do them before the big 50 I would have go get my trainers on and start running!

Welcome to the nut house .......... I meant site, enjoy the banter, enjoy the laugh but most of all enjoy the hills


Richard Goodman
Re: This is me... 24 Aug 2011
Oh, that's fun.  We can generalise Michael's formula to calculate anyone's age if we know how many they've done, the average they need to maintain and the age they want to do them by 

T=Target age
Y=number done so far
A=Average necessary per year to compleat
X=current age

Given T,Y and A calculate X

In my case T when I started was 60 and A was about 70.  Unfortunately it is now 106 but that isn't going to happen. 
Oh, nearly forgot, welcome Alison.  Well Pete did say it was a nut house.   But we're friendly.
  You can also see we haven't got anything better to do at the moment than play with numbers 

Alison Bodie
Re: This is me... 25 Aug 2011
Well I did calculate that average before this year so I'm a wee bit ahead of schedule (and therefore slightly younger!).  I'm just annoyed I didn't start bagging Munros when I was a student and had plenty of time on my hands!  Although the petrol costs involved might have made that tricky back then.

Anyway, it seems to be a hobby that suits me as it involves exercise, challenges, the opportunity to create reems of stats and logs, and of course a well earned drink at the end of each walk.