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 Walking with GSP.
Eric Cyl
Walking with GSP. 14 Aug 2011
   I'm Eric Cyl & a new member but an weathered Munro fan, looking for help with information regarding an easy Munro to walk with 1 of my german short haired pointers who is very active, so looking for munro with grass & no ridges as he is very active,


Nick Bulbeck
Re: Walking with GSP. 15 Aug 2011
Hi, Eric; I can offer only speculative help with the dog (not being a dog-owner myself - others on the site have been taking their dogs Munroing for years). But welcome aboard anyway!

The Ochils aren't Munros, but are eminently grassy and ridge-free, albeit with lots of sheep. Further afield, the Crianlarich and Arrochar hills are surprisingly grassy, in this context - i.e., the rock that adds so much to the hills visually is mainly in the form of outcrops. Must admit I'd never considered this alternative definition of "grassy".

Louise Thompson
Re: Walking with GSP. 15 Aug 2011
hey Eric, welcome. I'm quite new to the site as well, also looking for munros to walk with my dog. Last weekend I took him up Ben Vorlich and he loved it. We walked from the south lochearn road and went to the first summit and back the same route. We were going to go right over to Stuc a croin but it looked like quite a ridge, and I could't see a path, didn't have a map (and had some beer waiting for me back at the loch!) It was pretty easy going for the dog, even though he's tiny.. jack russel x chihuahua but he is fit as fiddle and will run up and down hills for miles, all day. The path had a lot of lose stones but he managed fine at full speed for most of it and didn't go diving off any ridges!

Meikle Bin we've been doing most weekends, mainly because its very close to home and has beautiful views. Its a walk through forrestry then the hill itself is all grass. I am a little fed up with the same routes and views so I'm looking for more to do with the dog. Please feel free to post if you find any suitable routes.


Brian Howarth
Re: Walking with GSP. 22 Aug 2011
Hi I have a five year old border collie,  she has been on many of the munros.  Let me know which region you were thinking of heading to and I'll tell you if she's done them.  She's really good and doesnt bother with sheep, deer etc except for going down into sheepdog mode she would never chase or run away.  She follows paths better than I can and she does like to walk out in front but always checks i'm following.   She is 22kg and a bit of a pain to lift over fences/ stiles etc.  She also doesnt like bridges and isnt that keen on water.  She has done the CMD arete, but I left her at home when I did the Saddle.  She also loves snow but there are limits and I have left here at home sometimes in the winter.  One problem is she wont drink out of any collpsible dog bowl, so I have to seek out streams, springs and manky puddles for her to drink out of sometimes.  I might produce a list of what she has done if I can find an easy way to do the list
Heres the list:

Meall Buidhe, Stuchd an Lochain/ Beinn Heasgarnich, Creag Mhor / Car an t-Sagairt Mor, Carn a Choire Bhoidheach, Cairn Bannoch, Broad Cairn / Beinn Fhionnlaidh/ Ben Starav, Beinn nan Aighenan, Glas Bheinn Mhor/ Stob Ban, Stob Choire Claurigh / Beinn Bheoil, Ben Alder/ Beinn a Chaorainn, Beinn Teallach /Carn Sgulain, Carn Dearg (Monadhlaith) /Carn Mor Dearg, Ben Nevis / Mount Keen / Creag Meagaidh, Stob Poite Coire Ardair, Carn Liath /Ladhar Bheinn/ Luinne Bheinn, Meall Buidhe/ Carn Eighe, Beinn Fhionnlaidh, Mam Sodhail / Tom a Choinich, Toll Creagach /Aonach Beag, Aonach Mor/ Bidein a' Choire Sheasgaich, Lurg Mhor/ Beinn Bhuidhe/ A Ghlas Bheinn, Beinn Fhada/ Glas Tulaichean, Carn an Righ/ An Socach, Sgurr nam Ceathreamhan, Mullach na Dheiragain/ Carn Ghluasaid, Sgurr nan Conbhairean, Sail Chaorainn


Eric Cyl
Re: Walking with GSP. 23 Aug 2011
Thanks all for info,

B, Louise & Nick,
   I will be looking @ doing Carn Gorm & the other 3 munros if weather is good, I hear it is a pretty "non-ridged" one & if this is case should be Ok for "Baxters" 1st. 4 Munros, what are your thoughts,


Brian Howarth
Re: Walking with GSP. 24 Aug 2011
Glen Lyon horseshoe would be a doddle for a dog.  Ages since i've done it, but dont think you would have any worries.

Louise Thompson
Re: Walking with GSP. 10 Sep 2011
Brian & Nick, if you are planning on heading out anywhere in the next couple of weeks could you let me know please? Barney and I would love to get out to some new places with people/dogs who know a bit more.