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 GPX Garmin oregan 300

Chris Mercer
GPX Garmin oregan 300 11 Aug 2011

We're having difficulty using the GPX routes from munro magic.  We have no problems downloading them but they don't work on the GPS, this is a recent problem.  We have no problem getting them to work from walk highlands.

Any one else having any issues?

Rebecca and Chris

David McSporran
Re: GPX Garmin oregan 300 11 Aug 2011
Hi Rebecca,

Is this a recent problem? Have the MunroMagic gpx files worked before on your GPS?
Can you give me an example of one that's not working for you?


Neil Cuthbert
Re: GPX Garmin oregan 300 16 Aug 2011
I use a Garmin Oregon 450 and have no problem using the GPX files from MunroMagic.

Rebecca - still an issue or sorted now?