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 Walking buddies
Michael Watson
Walking buddies 24 Jul 2011
Looking for company hillwalking or just exploring the Scottish scenery. I'm not a 'fell runner' so gentle starts with many 'pauses' are a must until I get my second wind! Being male - female company would be preferable (hope that's not to 'PC'  ).  Michael 

Michael Kerrigan
Re: Walking buddies 26 Jul 2011
Hello Michael

Cool name. Welcome to the site.

Just shout when you have a trip planned, I'm sure some one will tag along.


Michael K

Louise Thompson
Re: Walking buddies 30 Jul 2011
Hey Michael.
I'm new on MM. I'm not very experienced but very enthusiastic. I've done the WHW, Ben Nevis and Ben Lomond a couple of years ago, but really keen to do more. I'm walking every weekend (mainly with the dogs!) and getting a little fed up of the same routes and forest tracks. Its quite a drive for me to get to any munros so I'm looking for some routes maybe about 6/7 hours so I've got a bit of time for driving there and back.

Keen to do a couple of munros before the summer ends


tansy grigor-taylor
Re: Walking buddies 30 Nov 2011
hi Louise ( + others )  I'm new on MM too..getting frustrated at the lack of willing pals to accompany me on my walks so am always happy to meet up to do a new hill with like minded folks. Give me a shout if you have anything planned :-) tansy

Paul Selfridge
Re: Walking buddies 05 Dec 2011
Morning all. So it's finally here, and I'm looking to get out on some local hills this Friday to play in the snow.

I'm thinking of either the Cruachan ridge, or Ben Ime - Narnain.

Anyone fancy joining me?

tansy grigor-taylor
Re: Walking buddies 05 Dec 2011
hi paul. sounds only problem is i am up north in aberdeen so not too local for me but will see who the week progresses and whats possible so may join you if thats ok. got my winter gear although not very experienced on serious winter munroes but am hoping for that to change this year 

Paul Selfridge
Re: Walking buddies 05 Dec 2011
No problem, I'm going anyway so give me a shout if you do make it down.

I'm the same and only started last year, so would be good to get pub with someone of similar experience

Paul Selfridge
Re: Walking buddies 07 Dec 2011
So after checking MWIS yesterday it looks like Friday is a definate no-no. I'll now be getting out on Saturday once the winds have died down a bit. Should be some more folk out at the weekend so give me a shout if you like.

tansy grigor-taylor
Re: Walking buddies 07 Dec 2011
never  mind paul, another time. weekends not so easy for me but would really apperciate it if you let me know when youre off out so i can at least try ! enjoy the weekend then -  whatever you end up doing ! 

Peter Tindal
Re: Walking buddies 11 Dec 2011
Hi all

I am planning on doing Stuchd an Lochain on Sunday 18th starting about 10am if anyone wants to tag along. Its a fairly short easy hill to get the winter legs going and retry the winter equipment.