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Jen Dall
Hello 17 Jun 2011
hello one and all

Another newbie to join the community. Have only done 1 so far - Schielhallion. I run a fair bit and it was good to run 'up' instead of just 'along' - scenery is more interesting too.

I'll be having a look on the walkers wanted bit - I'm doing this solo and for safety sake would rather link up with a group/couple of others



Nick Bulbeck
Re: Hello 17 Jun 2011
Hi, Jen, and welcome aboard!

I tend to walk solo as well, not because I don't like people but because I'm a bit obsessional about my weird Top-bagging routes (that and waiting for sunny days). One of these days I'll manage to link up with some of the gang - haven't managed to yet, so it's a bit rich for me to say this, but there's a thriving social and meeting-up scene here, so you've come to the right place.

Ben Lomond's another good one to run, btw!
Jen Dall
Re: Hello 18 Jun 2011
Hi Nick

Thanks for the welcome  :-)

Peter Tindal
Re: Hello 18 Jun 2011
Hi Jen

Like Nick, I also do most of my walks solo mainly because I normally decide at the last minute to go! Also having 7 weeks off in the summer I can afford to pick and choose my days according to the weather.

Don't worry about only doing 1 munro, we ALL only had one under our belt once upon a time! If you want to join in with other just keep an eye on walkers wanted. Above all, enjoy the hills!