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 Munro suitable for 8yr old
Phillip Simons
Munro suitable for 8yr old 05 May 2011
I live in Aberdeen and my 8 yr old boy wants to do his first munro. Can anyone recomend a suitable munro / route which is closer to aberdeen / east coast.

Andy Clark
Re: Munro suitable for 8yr old 05 May 2011
Mt Keen is an easy walk but not much of interest to keep little ones wanting to keep going. Driesh and/or Mayer are great on good paths and also more
 to see, especially the Corie Fee track up. I had my kids up to the waterfall when they are 6 & 4yr old and it was not problem. 

My kids prefer the rockier hills so they can climb more, rather than slogs,  I`m not sure if thats the same for everyone, but we went up Ben Vorlich (Loch Earn) as there first one and that worked well. All the Glen Shee ones would be fine, but again something with a little more interest would be better. 
Phillip Simons
Re: Munro suitable for 8yr old 06 May 2011
Thanks Andy

Andy Clark
Re: Munro suitable for 8yr old 06 May 2011
No probs and good luck, I am slowly encouraging my older two to get out in the hills, but only taking them out when they really want too. I`m hoping to get an wild camp in this year with them as well, kind of a Bear Grylls weekend minus the eating slugs and climbing in dead deer 

Nick Bulbeck
Re: Munro suitable for 8yr old 06 May 2011
A lot depends on the 8-year-old, of course, but they're surprisingly resilient - Nathan was 8 when he first did the Cobbler, and that's near enough 900m from sea level. So Lochnagar isn't out of the question, for instance, given the 400m head-start at the Loch Muick car park. If you're heading in that way, then the Cairnwell Pass groups are another reasonable bet - one of the masts on the Cairnwell is climbable btw.

I've found the same as Andy. With Nathan (who's 11 now, and a bit more patient than he was!) the problem used to be that he'd get bored on the walk in, or the slow zig-zag paths you often get on the easier hills. So I had to drag him up the first half or so, until the terrain got more interesting and rocky. It was completely different from taking an adult beginner, therefore. The adult would usually start briskly then get slower, whereas Nathan started like an extra from Shaun of the Dead and got faster and faster as the ground got steeper!

Ken Rowan
Re: Munro suitable for 8yr old 13 Oct 2011
If anyone pops into this thread like I have just done ;p then my tuppence worth is that I always found that if you can manage to take along one or two of his/her pals then it works a treat :)