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 Free mapping

Richard Goodman
Free mapping 08 Jan 2011
This link to free mapping software put together by TalkyToaster aka Martin Overton doesn't seem to have been mentioned anywhere so far so I wanted to share it with you.  He's combined the contour data mentioned in other posts by Dave McS, available on the SMC web site, with data from the openstreetmap project to create routeable, contoured free maps that will run on PCs, Macs and Garmin mapping gps's, with a quite fantastic level of detail - for free maps anyway, and not only that but has packaged it up in a simple to install way that 'just works' (at least it did for me).

The maps also work with Basecamp, fully functioning mapping software, which can be downloaded from Garmin's site (no need to own a Garmin unit) to create routes, waypoints etc and export them to gpx format or view imported tracks on the maps.

I'm really impressed with what you can get for free in combining the contour and openstreetmap data.  It's still not up to the standard of OS digital mapping - not such detailed featuring, especially on open land, and the 'points of (dis)interest' mapped on London streets are so prolific that at certain zoom levels you can't even see the streets for the hoards of POI icons (nor will it find places based on postcode), but all things considered I find it amazing that this can all be put together and made available for free.