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 Proshell Gore-Tex jackets

Hugh Gilliland
Proshell Gore-Tex jackets 24 Nov 2010
Hi Folks,

Looking for information on Gore-Tex shell jackets, having bought the Mountain Equipment Kongur MRT Jacket, that turned out to be crap. Water penetrated all the pockets. I need to buy another, any comments and recommendations most welcome. As I do not want to  buy another £300 jacket that fails to live up to what the makers states.


Hugh G...............

iain watson
Re: Proshell Gore-Tex jackets 25 Nov 2010
i with you trust in supposedly great(and expensive) waterproof jackets anymore but i decided top take the risk with the RAB latok jacket,if for any reason this fails i'll be going for a waterproof poncho over a good softshell

fingers crossed this jacket is as good as is said

Keith Briggs
Re: Proshell Gore-Tex jackets 26 Nov 2010
Hi both,
Sorry to see your expensive gear didn't do the job as advertised. Would be interesting to know where/which areas/pockets failed. I have owned a Kongur for nearly three years now, and used in some very severe weather and scrambling/climbing and still going strong. I might think carefully when it comes around to renewal time!
Carefully thinking about converting to Paramo, but not quite prepared to take the chance without a good trial from wearing one in severe conditions, with the Aspira smock looking like a good candidate, although some say too warm in summer.

Best of luck both, hope you find something more suitable.

Hugh Gilliland
Re: Proshell Gore-Tex jackets 28 Nov 2010

My Jacket was returned to ME, who then sent it to Gore for testing. They stated that the material and seams were all ok. My complaint was all four pockets filling with water when I used the jacket in heavy rain, on two occasions. So the pocket zips were not tested.

I have now returned the jacket to the retailer and awaiting a refund as the jacket is not fit for use.

Hugh G...........