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 Jackets for long arms
Paul Smail
Jackets for long arms 20 Nov 2010
Hi all,

Looking for some advice on jackets for us tall folks.

I am 6'4" slim build and have been struggling to find a jacket suitable for the length of my arms.  Trouble is I need to end up going for a really large size that is then way too big on the body front, with the wind blowing up the hills I end up looking like the michelin man.

Does anyone have any recommendation of where I might get hold of a jacket suitable for the taller gent?  Or any brands you know of that cater for longer arm lengths?

Thanks in advance!


John Gilchrist
Re: Jackets for long arms 21 Nov 2010
Hi Paul

You could do worse than try Cioch - - who offer customised, made to measure outdoor clothing. Prices dont seem too far away from off the peg.