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 Which GPS?
Sanders Macdonald
Which GPS? 21 Sep 2010

I am looking at options for what OS mapping GPS to buy.
Does anyone have any recommendations for good/bad units?
I have seen Garmin 550t mentioned on here and have also looked at SatMap Active 10.
I have only used very basic GPS before and a lot of the sales waffle and spec are more confusing than a help.


Richard Goodman
Re: Which GPS? 08 Jan 2011
Well, after a prolonged (even for me) period of deliberation, including experimenting with using Quo digital maps on a mobile phone (since I already had them and they provide an app for free that runs on Windows mobile), I have finally purchased a Garmin GPSMap 62s.  I haven't used it anger yet but I have to say I am really delighted and impressed with it.  Compared to my old GPS (an old etrex) - and compared to the GPS in the phone too - it is so sensitive and quick in picking up satellite signals.  It even picks them up, up to 15' inside a room (albeit this was in a room with a large glass wall) so I don't expect problems in forest cover etc.

I was a reluctant purchaser, having already got Quo for the PC and not wanting to pay for mapping that would run on a GPS unit, but having tried running Quo on a phone it was pretty clear to me that whilst that would be okay for leisurely countryside strolls in the fair climes of Englandshire, there was no way I was going to risk my life on an app running on my phone whilst out for days at a time in the mountains of Scotland.  In the end there was only ever going to be one choice and it was just a matter of getting round to doing it.  Xmas and impending VAT increase provided the final motivating factors!    At the moment I'm running it with free mapping data - very easy to install once I found it, and it's very good, but I will be getting the Garmin OS maps before too long.

I certainly don't find any reason not to recommend it, I'm really happy so far!