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 GPS maps
Sanders Macdonald
GPS maps 20 Sep 2010

My Etrex has finally died after a few false alarms.
I'm now planning what to replace it with. I'm considering getting something a bit more hi-tec now I have the excuse.
The query I have is do you have to buy 'OS maps' software for a specific GPS make? I have Anquet software and have OS maps 1:50000 for all Scotland. Would I be able to upload them onto a GPS unit?

thanks in advance.

Richard Goodman
Re: GPS maps 21 Sep 2010
It's a totally crazy and frustrating situation, but so far as I can see the gps manufacturers and digital mapping providers are not interested in providing   cross-platform or cross-device compatibility.  You can only use garmin OS maps with garmin, satmap OS maps with the satmap, map providers develop only for, at most, either Windows devices or android/symbian, and maybe iPhone.  The excuse that seems to be given is OS licencing conditions but I think that is only part of the story.  Anyway, I think you will find you can only upload your Anquet maps to a windows-compatible device -  Unless you got the Anquet Maps Mac, in which case you could put them on an iPhone.  Of course routes are a different matter, but the maps themselves are manufacturer and operating system dependent.
Sanders Macdonald
Re: GPS maps 21 Sep 2010
Thanks for that.
I thought that may be the case, but was hoping I was wrong.
It is a bit annoying that after already purchasing electronic maps you have to essentially buy the same thing again.