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 Biodegradable tent pegs

Richard Goodman
Biodegradable tent pegs 05 Sep 2010
Yes, they do exist and no they don't biodegrade as soon as you put them in the ground   I needed to take some extra pegs to supplement or replace the thin bits of titanium wire that pass for pegs with my laser tent, and these seemed cheap and light at £2 for 10 half-price in Blacks, with the added advantage of breaking down (over a period of about two years, according to the label) if I accidentally left any behind.   The only problem is while they might take two years to break down, they only take about two seconds to break apart unless you treat them very gently when putting them in.  I was only pushing them down into soft peaty ground as well.  Too fragile to be of much use in the real world is what they are.