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 Apple I phone G4

Hugh Gilliland
Apple I phone G4 30 Aug 2010
Anyone use one of these to log walks. Any info would be good

iain watson
Re: Apple I phone G4 31 Aug 2010
i have used memory map on my 3gs iphone but it drained the battery big time,only managed to record 3hrs which was no use at all

not sure how the battery life is on the iphone4 though

Kevin Woods
Re: Apple I phone G4 02 Sep 2010
I looked into it for long walks since the features are right on what I'd want. But the battery life for these things don't seem to be too hot (though that may well be a generalisation)

Hugh Gilliland
Re: Apple I phone G4 07 Sep 2010
Agree with your remarks Kevin, the battery is the downfall of some great apps for the Iphone. I have also been looking at the satmap, bit expensive and thought I could have saved a few £, using the iphone.But not to be, as the battery lasted about 4 hours running a basic gps app.