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 New Boots.

Lewis Campbell
New Boots. 26 Jul 2010
Looking for some advice. Looking to get new boots which are ideally a four season boot which must be crampon compatible.

Anyone got any suggestions? Budget is £200.

Mike Watson
Re: New Boots. 27 Jul 2010
Most boots are crampon compatible if they are the strap on kind, do you have a specific fitting in mind?


James Corrigan
Re: New Boots. 17 Jul 2011
My Meindl Borneo boots are now leaking.They are ok boots but the price does not
reflect the life span! 9 Months and done! Even my old Brasher hillmasters outlasted these!

Looking at 3 season boot that will take a crampon.

Opinions please?

Keith Briggs
Re: New Boots. 20 Jul 2011
I purchased a pair of Scarpa Manta and have had two winter seasons out of them and still looking like much wear left in them. They may be a little over budget, but I guess will be a good investment if you look after them. They are B2 / C2 rated and I have used my Grivel Airtech newmatic crampons with them.
I am also on my second pair of Scarpa SL ( First pair still OK after 7 years ) they are B1 / C1 rated but more likely within your budget.
Both boots an excellent fit and comfortable for my slightly awkward and wider than normal feet!!
Hope you get sorted.