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 boots and crampons

iain watson
boots and crampons 13 May 2010
going to buy a proper set of boots after having aching feey last week in a cheap pair,looking at the scarpa manta gsb with crampons to go with them(nearly became a statistic last week on ben lui) was wondering if anyone has these and if so are they worth £220 ?(from cotswolds) gonna be an expensive day £355 all in for this money well spent?

Mike Watson
Re: boots and crampons 13 May 2010
Its what I wear (the non gsb version) in the winter. Although like a lot of things it depends....

 I'd not be tempted down the road of the gsb specific crampon but get some standard strap on ones (grivel g10 is a good choice) as then they'll fit just about anything, I use mine with my snowboard boots!

I'm guessing you went to cotswold because you are in glasgow? As its summer(ish) you've lots of time to shop around as there are no shortage of gear shops in the area. I'll bet you can get a boot/crampon package a lot cheaper, I got my other winter boots + crampons for less than your boots from Tiso at the start of the winter.

mackenzie barker
Re: boots and crampons 13 May 2010
I wear Scarpa Mantas with G10's was a good purchase but boota are heavy and slowed me down most of last year. just bought these and found my self running up and down 5 munros in one day with no bother.

scarpas are good but I find them too warm, mine had never leaked but every walk my feet are sodden because of sweat. so the new boots are a breath of fresh air. al thought i'll be keeping the scarpas for winter walks. as they were 160£


Gareth Lynn
Re: boots and crampons 13 May 2010
Hi Iain

There are lots of deals on for winter boots and crampons at the moment. I certainly would not spend £355 on that kit at this time of year.
Hunt around for some deals here are a few that I would certainly consider.

good luck and hunt around


Gareth Lynn
Re: boots and crampons 14 May 2010
Noticed that the crampons are out of stock a couple more crampon deals to consider.||~@c~Crampons~@b|0|user|1,0,0,1|17|

I see from your profile that you are quite new to the Munros and enjoy going out in the winter.
One point to think about when making such expensive purchases is where and what do you see yourself doing in the next few years and get the equipment that you think is suitable. If you've set your heart on the Mantas then go for them as they are the most popular Scottish winter boot but if you think that maybe in a couple of years time you're thinking of progressing to lets say winter climbing then spending that amount of money for me doesn't make sense.
Saying that the older members on MM will remember I got some severe stick for purchasing some Scarpa Cumbres a couple of years back and yes they where right to ridicule to some extent as they where overkill but they did the job and did it well and this season they have been fantastic as I have concentrated a lot more on winter climbing.
I don't mean to confuse the issue but I would certainly think about it and weigh up the pros and cons. You've got loads of time before next winter anyways (unfortunately) to make your mind up

Good Luck

iain watson
Re: boots and crampons 14 May 2010
thanks for all the advice,i've spent the last few days doing nothing but trying boots in different stores and i have to say the boots i found to be the best fit for my feet was the manta's.aswell as the munro's i have plans to go to mont blanc next year and kilimanjaro within the next 5 yrs so i opted for the manta's and the g12 crampons to go with was never an issue,i wanted a comfortable 4 season boot and good easy fit crampons,went for the g12's as the front picks are load bearing more so than the 10's and the boot just feels 'right'.i managed to get a deal of the boots,crampons and ice axe for 370 quid,alot of money and i could have got the gear cheaper but i prefer to buy from the shops as if there is any problems i just have to drop in rather than sending stuff back and having to wait for a return but i should be sorted for years to come,may still buy the hi tec boots mentioned.

as i said i could have searched all summer for a better deal but after a very close call on ben lui last week  where if i had decent boots and crampons i would have not had to take the risks i did i felt i would rather have the gear now,just in case,i really dont want to be a statistic on another munro,again thanks for the advice

James Corrigan
Re: boots and crampons 01 Jun 2010
I am making the crossover from long distance walking to Mountains.I would like to hear a lot more about good Boots for 4 season stuff.

My trusty Brasher Hillmasters are at the end of their life after 4 years of great service so time to think about a good climbing/walking boot.

Good boots are not much use without good socks/foot care.Distance walking let me know all about that.