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 MacBook and GPX

Keith Johnstone
MacBook and GPX 07 May 2010
I have used GPX files for my GPS for some time with a PC.  I was previously using the Easy GPS software on my old desktop but have recently changed over to a MacBook.

I've tried different software for the Mac (MacCaching and GPS Connect) and I am having problems when downloading the GPX file from Munromagic. When I open the GPX file in the software or directly from the file, the software does not recognise the GPX file or any of the waypoints.  If I save the waypoints currently in my GPS to my Mac and then re-open as a GPS in the software it seems to work fine.

Anyone else use a Mac?  What software do you use?  Anyone any ideas why the software isn't recognising the GPX files from Munromagic?

Keith Johnstone
Re: MacBook and GPX 07 May 2010
Oops, I think I have cracked it.  I need to upload waypoints, tracks and routes with the software.