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 Glen Sheil

Peter Tindal
Glen Sheil 02 Apr 2010
Hi folks

Was planning in going to Glen Sheil next week for a few days. Question to everyone, has anyone been in the area in the last few days, and if so, what are conditions like at the summits? Is it crampons and ice axe or is the thaw started? If its crampon conditions I will put back until summer and replan.

Anyone else off next week as I would tag on if its a munro I havent done

Regards and happy walking

Alasdair Cruickshank
Re: Glen Sheil 04 Apr 2010

Hi Pete,

Walked the 5 sisters last weekend, I needed my axe and crampons on the ridge.



Peter Tindal
Re: Glen Sheil 05 Apr 2010
Thanks Alasdair, I will leave Glen Sheil til summer


Peter Tindal
Re: Glen Sheil 25 Jun 2010
Hi Folks

I am going to head up to Glen Sheil on Monday 28th. Bag a couple of munros on the Monday and doing the 7 on the south ridge on Tuesday. Going from east to west. Anyone want to tag on feel free to drop me a line on here or meet me at the inn at 9am. Also be good if another car was availble to run us back to the inn.


John Gilchrist
Re: Glen Sheil 26 Jun 2010
Hi Peter

If you dont manage to get a second car - and it is a LONG walk back - you might want to consider the bus option. The bus from Skye passes the Sheil Bridge camp site at around 9.15 - 9.30 and will stop for you at the Inn. Have a good one!