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Hugh Gilliland
Re: Trousers 01 Apr 2010

Thanks guys for all your input to this. I have decided to go for the Montane Terra Pants, as I said i liked them but did not like the two tone colour. I have now found them in plain black so well happy.

I will also be investing in a pair of over trousers, as per Andy's recommendation and also on Gaz's thoughts on," they dont come out of his pack very often" .( But if it saves me running about the hills in my boxers, it will be money well spent)

 I have used a pair of Paramo cascadas, (borrowed from a friend) and found them far too warm as I run real hot.

Hugh G.................

PS.....You will all be happy to know thats my gear up todate for the coming spring, summer months.................oh forgot got a shopping list for next winter, look forward to more debate and ideas round about Sept/Oct

One again thanks to all who assisted, in my shopping quest

Andrew Hart
Re: Trousers 01 Apr 2010

Hi Hugh, good to hear about the trousers!

If you're looking for bargain prices on winter kit, try and buy it at the start of the summer season, most of the winter kit is reduced then. I've grabbed some real bargains in the past...

Cheers Andy


Hugh Gilliland
Re: Trousers 04 Apr 2010
Cheers Andy,

For your male ideals on shopping for gear, only problem is I have a wife to contend with when I want to raid the bank account. Although she appears to have a magic wardrobe. A new top appears and I make the comment thats nice, Her reply is " had it for ages been in the wardrobe" . Wish I had the same when I want to buy gear for the hills.........................................If your married you will understand this.

Hugh G..........

Mike Watson
Re: Trousers 04 Apr 2010
Hugh, as you are out west there is always decathlon & Go Outdoors on the east side of Glasgow. Decathlons own brand stuff is good value whilst go outdoors have good prices and a permanent sale rail.

John Gilchrist
Re: Trousers 06 Apr 2010
I'm with the Craghoppers Kiwi supporters! Not the most techy of kit, but perfectly servicable and TK Maxx have them permanently reduced to under £20. I buy them almost as disposables given the number of crampon slashes I tend to subect them to.

Richard Reid
Re: Trousers 06 Apr 2010
there is also a new gooutdoors just opened in clydebank where the old bowling alley was they are always really good for prices

Kevin Woods
Re: Trousers 06 Apr 2010
At last, a go outdoors near me! I need to get to TKMaxx or check out GoOutdoors at some point to avoid buying the normal retailer prices for outdoor equipment.

James Corrigan
Re: Trousers 07 May 2010
Winter kit is more expensive, no doubt about that as you need much more of it!

Supermarket style gear stores are  making things more competitive but still i
think in the main that prices are OTT.

As said, shop for Winter or Summer gear out of season and you will get bargains.

Already you can buy storm/water proof clothing at much cheaper prices
than just a few weeks back.

Many of the clothing brands are bought as fashion items so i wonder how much gear purchased actualy makes it on to the hills
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