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 walking poles

iain watson
walking poles 08 Mar 2010
i currently have a cheap set just now but one always seems to go every week where it wont lock properly and i'm sick fed up of taking them back and getting new ones.can anyone recommend a good,reliable set that wont cost a fortune?

mackenzie barker
Re: walking poles 09 Mar 2010
I don't use but I've never heard anyone say anything bad about leki poles


James Cassidy
Re: walking poles 11 Mar 2010
Leki poles....
They come apart when you least expect them to. The twist lock being very innefficient. With time the inner wears away and the poles wont lock either.
Go for Black Diamond Flicklock poles instead.

Mike Watson
Re: walking poles 11 Mar 2010
I use black diamonds for ski touring. Very easy to adjust and seem to be hard wearing.
Richard Preston
Re: walking poles 05 May 2010
I use one piece High Peak Nordic walking poles that I purchased from Lidl. Although they do not collapse, and are therefore sometimes difficult to pack into a car boot with other gear, they are very light (30% carbon material) with very comfortable velcro hand straps, a bit tight though over winter gloves. At £15.99 a pair they are good value and are available in different lengths when in stock. I have had the same pair for five years.