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 Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket

iain watson
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 02 Nov 2010
hugh,i was wondering how your getting on with the mrt jacket?

sadly i have to say that mine is heading back to be tested and with a bit of luck i'll be refunded and can purchase something else

i have worn the jacket around 7 times and it has lost its waterproof-ness already,got absolutely soaked on Criese on sat,phone,camera and my munro book which were in my pocket were really wet

the jacket is defo not hard wearing and for them to claim its used by the mrt is a joke,during some scrambling on an stuc i mereley brushed over a rock and the jacket tore,not a big tear but a tear none the less

added to this the reflective strips are fraying at the edges and the jacket looks about ten years old

needless to say i'm not a happy bunny

hope yours has lasted better than mine

Hugh Gilliland
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 03 Nov 2010

Sad to say my mrt jacket, is on route to Mountain Equipment. Posted to them Yesterday. With a letter of complaint. Last week I was out and it rained for about five hours. When I got home discovered all four pockets full of water, and also ruined my mobile phone which was water logged.

 To say I was shocked was an understatement. The next day, after drying out the jacket I packed all four pockets with kitchen towel, went for a 2 hour walk again in heavy rain, ensuring all the pocket zips were fully closed.When I got home I could wring the water out of the kitchen towel.

I did a bit of research on the web, and found loads of complaints re water penetrating the pockets, of the Kongur jacket. When I contacted ME they said they had no complaints regarding water in pockets. So the jacket is back with them for what they say is testing.Will let you know the out come.

How this Jacket got 50/50 in the "Ultimate waterproof test" in a well known outdoor magazine is beyond me.

Hugh G........................

iain watson
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 03 Nov 2010
cant believe your is the same!

i'm extremely dissapointed with it,i thought that it was going to be a great jacket for years to come but alas i was sooo wrong

that'll be two of the same they'll recieve this week so hopefully we both get a good outcome

been looking for a replacement and i've trawled reviews on the net for hours with no decision made yet,getting sick of looking at jackets,lol

Hugh Gilliland
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 03 Nov 2010
Will let you know the outcome Iain, like you very dissatisfied with this jacket. Now have no faith in it at all. So I will be asking for a refund. Then I have the problem what to buy next. Will be spending a lot of time researching before I buy. Hugh G.....

iain watson
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 17 Nov 2010
just heard from the shop where i got my mrt jacket and gore/mountain equipment have confirmed the failure of the jacket so i am getting a full refund,question is what do i buy now?  kinda lost faith in waterproof jackets,may go for a RAB Event type this time

time to start browsing!

Hugh Gilliland
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 22 Nov 2010
Hi Iain,

Just got my MRT Jacket back from ME, They had sent it to Gore who tested it and could not find any fault with the material, seams or zips. So now in talks with the supplier to see my next step.

iain watson
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 23 Nov 2010
thats ridiculous! do they think your lying about the faults?

surely under the sale of goods act you should get a refund from where you bought it and then they have to fight it out with gore and ME
keep at it,hope you get your refund!

ps- i got a RAB Event jacket,the latok one,only time will tell whether its any better

Hugh Gilliland
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 01 Dec 2010
Hi Folks,

This was the reply from Mountain Equipment, (Product Manager) re the Kongur jacket pockets filling with rain water.

I must apologise for the manner in which your original complaint was dealt with - given the specific nature of your complaint we should have provided more detail as to what types of testing were able to be done as well as given an indication of other causes which may have contributed to the issue. So please let me try and address a number of specific point

The Kongur Jacket is designed primarily for British mountaineering and hill-walking, suited to the 'worst conditions possible' to provide a quotation from our website. We guarantee that the make-up of the jacket including fabrics, materials and components will not fail through normal wear and tear. In addition to this, the jacket passes Gore's most rigorous storm chamber test and is as such guaranteed to keep you dry. If the jacket fails any of these criteria then we will replace or repair it as appropriate throughout the useable life of the product. Furthermore the vast majority of our jackets, and the Kongur is no exception have extensive and on-going field trials, this is more than simply an advertising ploy, it is a genunine process whereby we can ascertain, that a product is able to perform as well as can be expected in the environment it is designed for. It is based upon all of this that we guarantee that any of our GORE-TEX waterproof jackets will keep you dry and then dictate the likely conditions one of our products is most suited to.

This is not an issue unique to Mountain Equipment but an issue with any waterproof jacket and therefore it is a necessity for any valuable item whether it be a map, GPS or mobile phone to be sealed securely inside an appropriate watertight bag (such as those produced by Ortlieb etc) in order to guarantee that they will not be damaged whilst outside in wet conditions.

iain watson
Re: Mountain Equipment Kongur Jacket 02 Dec 2010
ridiculous! absolutely ridiculous!

what an absolute cop out!  if its the case that you need to keep everything in watertight cases this should be stated on the labels of the jacket (RAB do this on their labels)  the mrt did not state anywhere that this is the case

i'd defo keep at it and even go to consumer advice(if you havnt already)

best of luck hugh
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