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 New Gear

Hugh Gilliland
New Gear 25 Feb 2010
Hi Folks,

Looking to purchase Shell jacket and waterproof trousers any ideas, and thoughts on what you use will be most welcome.Will be mostly for Scottish weather, use in Spring Summer this year although once fit hope to include winter routes.

Hugh G.............

James Corrigan
Re: New Gear 25 Feb 2010

Just picked up new Berghaus Deluge waterproof over trousers and jacket
in the GO sale.

Old ones were very good and could take a fair soaking indeed.
Very effective in all seasons.

New ones haver a slight sheen so if you slip on a snow bank
it could make for fast downhill descent


mackenzie barker
Re: New Gear 25 Feb 2010
head to TKmax in perth!!!! it's like a mini TISO!! and cheap.

if u fancy spending alot of cash paramo is the best. but it's a little heavy for the summer months ive heard.


Andrew Gifford
Re: New Gear 25 Feb 2010
Take your time to try a lot of options. Waterproof trouser and jacket recommedations really depend on budget, seasons in use and what type of activity(ies) you'll be doing. Is it traditional hillwalking or also climbing, running, mtb etc. Paramo looks great for this time of year but can be very warm if your into Fast and Light approach.

Hugh Gilliland
Re: New Gear 26 Feb 2010
Thanks for your input guys, will be spending my Saturday in Glasgow trying out a few options in the shops

Andrew Hart
Re: New Gear 27 Feb 2010
If you run hot, you'd best stay away from paramo. Just my experience, their stuff tends to be very heavy and very hot. I know a few people who love their stuff but sadly it's not for me .

I know I'm slightly late but some great deals online just now, especially on the cotswold websites; they've got amazing deals only available online. Got meself a Marmot spire jacket for £100!


Siegurd Van leusen
Re: New Gear 28 Feb 2010
Hi Hugh,

in the past I've worked at an outdoor shop in Holland and I've tested all kind of gear from North Face, Lowe Lapine, etc.
Now I'm very happy with Vaude. Not only because of the price but also because it's one of the three brands, with Patagonia and Timberland,  that is got outdoor awards for caring of our environment and having good working situations for the people that produce Vaude gear in poor countries.
As an outdoor instructor and mountain climber this is very important for me.

I've buyed a new jacket from Vaude and it's my favourite now!

Siegurd from Holland