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 Lochnagar round

Ryan Russell
Re: Lochnagar round 21 Feb 2012
Well you're right Nick I wasn't but sadly February weather got the best of me as well and I didn't make it to the summit of Lochnagar. Just way too windy, visabilty was pretty poor as well but it was really the wind that sent me back, it even stole my sleeping mat! Gutted cause I reckon I wasn't far off my first Munro when it just got too strong to be safe.

So I walked back down, done Meikle Pap (even left my gear alone while I did) then headed back to the car and home. Never did find the mat at the base!

So I'm knackered now, my shoulders are killing me and my feet are in bits but it was a good day regardless. Getting a new found appreciation for leaving the camp at the base and doing the walking without all the gear!

Ah well, I'll try again later in the year.

Richard Goodman
Re: Lochnagar round 22 Feb 2012
Yes, out of all the weather that can make hill walking difficult, wind is the thing that can make it impossible!    So far as kit is concerned, the first time I ever tried to do a multi-day hike I gave up after the first day.   I took only what I thought might be very useful if not essential, nothing that seemed to weigh much, but by the time it was all in the pack I could barely lift it!  I somehow lugged it and myself over two munros and by the next morning I knew I wasn't going to be able to do rest of the walk carrying the rucksack, so instead of doing the planned hike I went somewhere else, installed my gear at a 'base camp' and happily did munros for the rest of the week carrying only what would fit in a small backpack of about 10l, coming back to the tent in the evenings.  

That gave me a lot of incentive to 'lighten up' my gear.  The rucksack I had alone weighed around 2.5kg.  Now my rucksack, sleeping bag, tent, stove and sleeping mat together weigh less than that.  I try only to take the essentials rather than the useful.  My pack is still heavier than I'd like by the time food, spare clothes and all the other things necessary for several days out are added in, but at least I can get it up and down hills a few days in a row!  Going light is the way to go!

Ryan Russell
Re: Lochnagar round 23 Feb 2012
I was thinking that about the wind whilst climbing as well, there really is nothing you can do against the wind. You can protect yourself from it's cold and stop it blasting your face but you really can't stop it just blowing you straight off the hill!

Wow that is a really low weight for the core kit! I was carrying about 16kg with me which was feeling a lot heavier after the first hour although when I came to actually going up Lochnagar proper it wasn't that bad, perhaps I was focusing more on the climb then. I was certainly happy to have the extra weight when the wind was blowing.

I'm not sure if I could have convinced myself to go again on the second day, I guess my pack would have at least been lighter after eating my food.

Not sure if you can see from the image but this is as far as I got. Anyone able to say how far / close this is from the summit?

Gary Webster
Re: Lochnagar round 30 Mar 2012
Judging by the drop-off on the right i'd say you got reasonably close.  Maybe within 30mins walk in good conditions?
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