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William Youngman
Garmin 10 Dec 2009
Does any Munro Magic Members have experience with handheld GPS Mapping ?
I still use a Map and Compass, but I can appreciate the benefits of GPS in adverse weather conditions.
Whats the best system out there? I have been looking at a Garmin 550t with OS Maps.

Gareth Lynn
Re: Garmin 11 Dec 2009
Hi William
Be careful here you could open a big can of worms.
It is one of our most debated subjects

I own a garmin 60csx and love it. The only reason I havnt got an OS map version is they where not out when I bought my gps.
If I had to buy a new one I would definately get an OS map gps. The only thing that would put me off the 550t is that it is a touch screen unit and with gloves on in the middle of winter in a whiteout I would find it difficult to press the right button. Also the price!!!! Other than that I looks the business. I think the general feeling is to stick the main players garmin, magellen and so on.

Siegurd Van leusen
Re: Garmin 08 Feb 2010
In Holland I'm owner of an GPS rental service. We use GPS handhelds for a very long time. I've always a Map and Compass with me but with the use of a GPS gives it much more fun and a lot of information that I can bring back home.
We use also the 60CSx, it is still the best GPS but a little bit big and heavy. Maybe you can also look at the Oregon series.


Siegurd (from Holland)

Jim Waddell
Re: Garmin 01 Jun 2010
I have used a hand-held GPS for years, excellent tool for getting your position in bad weather, but you still need your map and compass.  Touch screens will not work in low temperatures, the screen becomes sluggish and sometimes will not work at all, be sure the one you buy is tested at winter temperatures.  Other than that I would not be without mine a Etrex summit.


Robert Mcmillan
Re: Garmin 11 Aug 2010
Thinking of getting Garmin Etrex Legend HCX version as its in price range budget £120-£160.

Anybody use it and recommend it? or any other suggestions in that price range?

cheers lads

David McSporran
Re: Garmin 11 Aug 2010

That's exactly the model I use. I got it last year as a replacement for my previous GPS and spent a bit of time looking at various options.

It's as hard as nails,  great battery life, performs well in all kinds of terrain and generally does everything I expect of it very well.
It comes preloaded with a next to useless base map, but if you want to look at more than a blank map when you're in the hills, it takes a microSD card which means you can choose to buy additional Garmin topographical maps, or better, load the contour data which is available free from the SMC website. With a bit more effort you can also download mapping from Open Street Map onto it.

If you were looking for one with OS mapping, it would be considerably more than your budget.

Robert Mcmillan
Re: Garmin 11 Aug 2010
Thanks for that David.

Think I will go for it.
Reviews online seem pretty positive too.

Not buying til weekend so if any other recommendations are out there I be happy to hear them too


Richard Goodman
Re: Garmin 12 Aug 2010

Not in that price range, but for someone looking for something at the level of the 60Csx, garmin are now producing a mapping version, the GPSMap 60s - same sort of body, antenna, screen etc, but with mapping.  Possible to get it bundled with GB 1:50k maps at a price which makes it a serious competitor to the Satmap.  Thinking of going for it myself.