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 Paramo 'Velez Adventure Smock'

Mike Blake
Paramo 'Velez Adventure Smock' 07 Dec 2009
Hi MMers...

Quick couple of questions about a potential xmas present: have any of u bought or tried out the Paramo 'Velez Adventure Smock'? If so, what do u think? How does it perform in a typical Scottish downpour? Any sign of a cheeky leak on the shoulders around the rucksack strap area?
Similarly, I'm also keen to hear about the 'Adventure Light' if u have any experience of it.


Gareth Lynn
Re: Paramo 'Velez Adventure Smock' 07 Dec 2009
Hi Mike
I have the aspira smock and dont know if it the same thing but wouldnt think there was much difference between the 2.
I must be honest I was a bit dubious of paramo stuff because of the weight but I am a complete convert. Nothing can touch the stuff especially in winter. It has never let me down. I was looking at the adventure light a month ago and it looks a great bit of kit just have to wait  till my aspira dies which doesnt look like happening soon.

Peter Dorrington
Re: Paramo 'Velez Adventure Smock' 15 Feb 2010
Mike, I climb in a Velez smock and its the dogs danglebits!