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 Caledonian 100 | Fundraiser Event

Nick Tether
Caledonian 100 | Fundraiser Event 12 Aug 2009


The Caledonian 100 is Scotland's latest and greatest team challenge. As the younger sister to the Caledonian Challenge, it offers you the chance to do something that's never been done before:

The challenge is for your team to circumnavigate the Cairngorms in a single weekend and to raise funds to help strengthen some of the UK's most isolated communities. Three distances are offered:

  • 100K in 36 hours
  • 75K in 24 hours
  • 50K in 20 hours

All funds raised in sponsorship will be transformed by the Scottish Community Foundation into highly effective grants which improve the lives of thousands of people in isolated communities close to the course and throughout Scotland.

The Foundation is a leading distributor of charitable funds in Scotland and is itself a registered charity. It specialises in distributing grants to enterprising voluntary groups and charities. 

Your team will raise a minimum amount of sponsorship. The amount varies depending upon your team size and entry package. For the inaugural event this year, we are offering a special discount. This is effectively reduces the amount for a typical team of four from £2,000 per team to £1,600.

Reserve Your Team Place Now!

You have all summer to train for the event but only a limited time to secure your place. The Entry Deadline is 31 August 2009. There are a limited number of team places available this year so reserve your team place now to avoid disappointment!

We can offer great benefits to the first teams who sign up including:

  • the first 50 teams to sign up to the 100km will gain priveleged access to a remote 'wild lands' circuit, courtesy of Mar Lodge 
  • the next nine teams to sign up will be loaned a GPS tracker so that friends and family can follow your progress in real time during the event

Until the end of August, the entry fee for the inaugural event is just £75 per person.  

Why Take Part?

The Caledonian 100 is 'The Greatest Team Challenge' becaue it offers you the opportunity to:

  • spend the weekend surrounded by spectacular landscape as you circumnavigate the Cairngorms
  • complete a highly satisfying physical endeavour.
  • share a fun team exercise, where you will enjoy the highs and excitement of taking part together with friends, relatives and/or colleagues.
  • provide an invaluable service to others, where your great achievement will help to generate much-needed funds for isolated groups of people 

 Find out more about the benefits of taking part:

Entry Packages

We have a variety of Entry Packages available to Participants, companies and Elite Runners. Please read more about our entry packages and find an option that suits your team's needs best:

Please contact Nick Tether: 0131 524 0352  |   |


Michael Kerrigan
Re: Caledonian 100 | Fundraiser Event 12 Aug 2009
While this may be someting forum users are interested in the fact that its appeared at least 3 times in different forums makes it spam. This should be deleted.

Nick Tether
Re: Caledonian 100 | Fundraiser Event 12 Aug 2009
Apologies if this has caused anyone too much bother - just trying to raise awareness for a great event and ultimately a great fundraising cause!

Michael Kerrigan
Re: Caledonian 100 | Fundraiser Event 12 Aug 2009


Its always a bad day at the office. I'd much rather be climbing.

Sorry to the original poster if I came across a bit sharp there. As I said the post may be of interest to people.
The point I should have made is that personally seeing multiple posts instantly put me off reading as that usually means spam. That may also put other people off for the same reason.
So you may get a better response from a single post in a new topic rather than multiple posts.




Chris Bowles
Re: Caledonian 100 | Fundraiser Event 12 Aug 2009

Without sounding pernickety this post may be better suited for the Announcements section, Im sure if you sent a pm to Gary he would put it there. It sounds a very good cause though and I hope it is a success.


Gary Wales
Re: Caledonian 100 | Fundraiser Event 13 Aug 2009
Agreed, moving to announcements ....