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 munro tops

Andrew Gifford
munro tops 04 Dec 2008
Wonder if it would be possible to have some list of Munro Tops under each Munro entry, would be useful in route planning etc. where you want to incorporate these. 

Neil Cuthbert
Re: munro tops 14 Dec 2008
There was an interesting article about this is last month's TGO magazine.  I agree with Andrew's comment this could be useful.

Andrew Gifford
Re: munro tops 04 Aug 2009
Hi. Now that the Welsh and English communities are fully catered for, any chance of adding the Tops?

Gary Wales
Re: munro tops 05 Aug 2009
Hi Andrew,

This is definitely a good idea though some thought required as to what the correct solution would be.

Grahams are next on the data hit list but tops can follow that. If you go down the tops route do you look at all classifications. Other than listing them, do we provide functionality - image galleries, bagging features, etc. Or does the site become overly complex.

Insert tuppence worth here ......


Andrew Gifford
Re: munro tops 05 Aug 2009
I think I would like to see them listed as sub-items to the munro's they belong to, with a tick-list like we have for munro's often climbed together. Galleries and the like would be great as some of these tops can be very satisfying and difficult in their own right, and this along with Member's comments would provide the necessary level of route info etc. without necessarily having to have top-inclusive routes.

Andrew Gifford
Re: munro tops 05 Aug 2009
Great news, that the Grahams are being added too..

Chris Bowles
Re: munro tops 06 Aug 2009

Even a simple list of the tops, perhaps on the main page of each Munro along with the other key information. If one at least knows all the tops of a particular hill then that could be incorporated into a route someone chooses.

Glad to hear that the Grahams, are at the forefront of new additions


David Cochrane
Re: munro tops 15 May 2014
Just wondering if there was any update on plans regarding the Munro Tops?  Are we likely to see an ability to log and map these as well as the Munros and other hills?

David Cochrane
Re: munro tops 05 Oct 2015
Not meaning to sound like a broken record on this thread...but is there any update on the timeframe for including Munro Tops on the site?

Richard Reid
Re: munro tops 08 Oct 2015
The site has went so quiet now i used to enjoy all the patter and banter on the forums.I dont understand why it has happenedbut its a shame it used to be the best Munro site there was