Return to An Sidhean
An Sidhean from Glen Strathfarrar; 13 June 2013 by Roger Vander Steen

We followed the MM route, parking just before the first dam on Loch Monar. After Monar Lodge the path climbs through the gap below Creag a’ Chaobh and follows the loch until the junction at 176 419. From here it is a good path up to 500 metres, where it peters out, the continuation being marked with small cairns. We left the path here and climbed up to 680 metres where the slope eases off. The summit cairn is not visible until you are almost there. We returned the same way. This walk is well worth it for the views.

The self-catering Culligran Cottages make a good base as they are inside the locked gate to the glen.

Our route: 17 km, 700 metres of climbing.

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