Return to An Cliseam (Clisham)
An Cliseam; 29 May 2013 by Roger Vander Steen

We were staying in a chalet at Bun Abhainn Eadarra and so, to make a circuit of the walk, we took the Tarbert-Stornoway bus to the top of the road just west of Loch na Ciste. We followed the stream north to a small lochan at 360m then aimed for the skyline, choosing a route to the main summit over the boulders, keeping to grass where possible. Near the summit we joined a path coming up the south-east slope from the usual starting point.

The continuation along the ridge starts at a cairn north of the summit and descends west over boulders. The slope down to the bealach soon becomes grassy with smaller stones. After the delightful little top in the middle of the ridge, a path on the north side of the ridge leads to the top of Mulla bho Dheas. From here we descended south on boulders and rough ground to 136 059 and followed the poor quality path back to our base.

There is a good car park at 180 063 and this seems to be a popular starting point.

Our route: 8 km, 800 metres of climbing.

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