Return to Carn a' Choire Bhoideach
Carn an t-Sagairt Mor; Carn a' Choire Bhoideach; Cairn Bannoch by George Greszczuk
Date: 27 August 2011

Route: Start/Finish: A93 at GR140835 (OS Map Landranger 43)
Followed path east up "V" shape valley below Greag nan Gabhar to Loch Callater Lodge. Took high path above Loch Callater, swinging round under Creag an Loch then up the flanks of Carn an t-Sagairt Mor to summit. Made a B-line to Carn an t-Sagairt Beag. Followed track due NEE across watershed then swinging SE to summit of Carn a Choire Bhoidheach. Re-traced my route back N to meet main Loch Callater/Lochnagar path. Turned SW downhill, crossed two burns of upper Allt an Dubh-loch and continued until path crossing for Cairn Bannoch. Followed track to summit of Cairn Bannoch. Re-traced track back to main Loch Callater/Lochnagar path below summit of Carn an t-Sagairt Mor and followed this back to Loch Callater Lodge, and returned to car on A93, via same route in.

Horizontal Distance Travelled: 26.5km

Vertical Height Ascended: 1275m

Time Taken: 8.5 hrs

Weather: Cloudy, breezy, cool. Occasional sunny breaks later in day.

Temperature: 15oC in valley, 8oC on summits

Wind: Cool NW wind.

Cloud base: 1000m rising to about 1500m during afternoon.

Visibility: 50m to begin but improved to good once cloud lifted.

Comments: Solo. No notable events. Nice energetic hill walk!
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