Return to Ben Nevis
Climbed Ben Nevis to raise funds for St.Columbus Hospice by Marie Somers
Started the day at 9.15am, visibility poor with drizzly rain on the way up. Around 500 metres the fog lifted and we had views over the glen which was beautiful. Stopped at the half way lochan for a quick bite to eat and see if others were going over the arete, however, the group I was with were keen to do the tourist route so up we went. By this point the rain was teeming down and we were soaked through, but kept plodding on. A couple of people turned back due to high winds, but there was no wind by the time we reached the cairns and started the countdown - legs were fine and it was great to see the first cliff - shame we could hardly see two feet in front of us.

Reached the top and we were thrilled to bits. Stopped in the ruin to eat our packed lunch and I headed to see if I could work out were I would come up if I was doing the arete, however, due to visibility I decided it would be safer to head back beside the rest of the group.

Coming down the rain was hard and fast - It was a tedious plod as we were at different fitness levels and we didn't want to leave anyone behind. Great day had by all. One of the girls had never been on a hill so it was a great achievement.

I am planning on going back up in a couple of weeks to do the arete route... can't wait...
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