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Ben Lawers, An Stuc, Meall Garbh [Lawers region], Beinn Ghlas and Meall Greigh
The total ascent is 1748 meters. Allow 7.5 hours to complete this 20.45km route.
NumberDescriptionOS Grid
Start from bridge on A827 crossing the Lawers Burn, where a track leads NNW to Machuim FarmNN68033999
1Follow the track on the eastern bank of the Lawers Burn NNW 2km (before the track crosses the burn)NN67434197
2Climb the grassy slopes N to gain Meall Greigh , and the start of the ridgeNN67404382
3From the summit head NW to meet National Trust Boundary (fence), following it W to bealach (830m)NN65734406
4Continue W on lightly used pathsNN64914413
5Bear SW to Meall Garbh NN64394365
6The path SW drops before climbing the short very steep slopes of An Stuc (easy scramble)NN63904314
7Follow path SSW to Creag an FhithicNN63534237
8Head S to the summit of Ben Lawers NN63554142
9Descend SW to col between Lawers and GhlasNN63014116
10Ascend SW to Beinn Ghlas NN62544047
11Follow South spur of Beinn Ghlas to descendNN63053979
12Descend SE to join track by Allt an Tuim BhricNN64403952
13Descend on track to reach main road by TombreckNN65143788
14Hitch or walk E to returnNN68033999
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13.4 km Coshieville House B&B - Coshieville, By Aberfeldy, PH15 2NE   Tel: 01887 830319
18.3 km Clachan Cottage Hotel - Lochside, Lochearnhead, FK19 8PU   Tel: 01567 830247
22.2 km Luib Hotel - Crianlarich, Perthshire, FK20 8QT   Tel: 01567 820664
22.7 km Suie Lodge Hotel - Clendochart, nr. Crianlarich, FK20 8QT   Tel: 01567 820417
30.2 km The Ben More Lodge Hotel and Restaurant - Crianlarich, Perthshire, FK20 8QS   Tel: 01838 300210
32.0 km Firs Guest House and Mountain Bike Hire - St Andrews Crescent, Blair Atholl, PH18 5TA   Tel: 01796 481256
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40.6 km Inveroran Hotel - Inveroran, Bridge of Orchy, PA36 4AQ   Tel: 01838 400220
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