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Caisteal Abhail, Beinn Tarsuinn [Arran] & Cir Mhor
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Total Ascent
1702 m

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Route Time
7 hrs
The horizontal distance of the route.
Route Distance
20.32 km

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OS Landranger Maps Required
  69   Isle of Arran
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A long route on ridges to three craggy peaks. Good stamina and a head for exposure required.

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 Travel Information

Head to: Brodick, Isle of Arran

From Brodick take A841 NW to junction with B880. Go W 100m then N on minor road to Glenrosa.

Route Waypoint Map

The total ascent is 1,702 metres. Allow 7 hours to complete this 20.32 km route.

The hillphones service can inform you of stalking activities in the area.

Usually the shortest way to climb the mountain, making best use of tracks and paths to gain altitude. Route navigation requires map reading skills and an ability to navigate with a compass.

The information given here will enable you to annotate your map and plan your route. We do not give anecdotal descriptions on where to find the paths, worn by the feet of previous mountaineers.

Where the access routes are few or the ridge is narrow, paths are generally obvious. On open ground, following paths without using your compass may get you lost in poor visibility.

 Route Information
Waypoint Detail
  Start from end of public road at Glenrosa.
  NS00113762 Distance
20 m
Follow the road then path to the Garbh Allt and cross to the N bank (if safe to do so)
NR98243871 Distance
2.31 km
46 m
Go W on path by Garbh Allt
NR97243844 Distance
1.04 km
274 m
Follow path NW into Coire na Cuiseig and onto SE ridge of Beinn Nuis
NR95643968 Distance
2.09 km
694 m
Follow path WSW by Garbh Allt then NW to summit of Beinn Nuis
NR95553993 Distance
3.10 km
792 m
Follow path NNW and descend onto ridge
NR95494021 Distance
0.30 km
703 m
Follow ridge NE
NR95854073 Distance
0.64 km
766 m
Continue N on S ridge of Beinn Tarsuinn
NR95874104 Distance
0.32 km
768 m
Follow path NNE to summit of Beinn Tarsuinn
NR95974127 Distance
0.26 km
826 m
Descend steeply to col where paths intersect
NR96294155 Distance
0.42 km
647 m
Scramble along A Chir ridge or take bypass path on west side and rejion ridge at N end of A Chir ridge
NR96564269 Distance
1.18 km
611 m
Follow path NNE to col (590m) where alternative path ascends to ridge from Glen Rosa
NR96834288 Distance
0.33 km
590 m
Bear NE turning N on W slopes of Cir Mhor
NR96994325 Distance
0.43 km
654 m
Continue NNW onto SW ridge of Caisteal Abhail
NR96694387 Distance
0.69 km
693 m
Follow curving path N to Caisteal Abhail
NR96924433 Distance
0.54 km
859 m
Return SW along ridge
NR96694387 Distance
0.54 km
693 m
Follow ridge SSW to Cir Mhor
NR96994325 Distance
0.69 km
654 m
Ascend SE to summit Cir Mhor
NR97284311 Distance
0.34 km
799 m
Descend to 590 col for easy ascent or if you prefer a scramble descend steeply E to The Saddle
NR97874308 Distance
0.59 km
438 m
Descend S into Glen Rosa and continue S to join approach route at Garbh Allt
NS00113762 Distance
4.53 km
46 m

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Written by Kevin Woods on 28 Jul 2008:
I climbed the Corbetts of Arran each on their own, and so didn't follow the route given, yet they're some of the best hills I have climbed on. As well as great views, they give you the option of taking the hard or easy route around - they aren't to be missed.
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