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Beinn Udlamain, Sgairneach Mhor, A' Mharconaich & Geal Charn [Drumochter Pass]
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Total Ascent
1183 m

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Route Time
7 hrs
The horizontal distance of the route.
Route Distance
23.12 km

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  42   Glen Garry & Loch Rannoch
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Easy walking in a beautiful area. Care needed crossing stream when in spate.

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 Travel Information

Head to: Dalwhinnie

From Dalwhinnie follow road South then join A9 road, continue South for approx. 4KM. Balsporran cottages can be found on your right.

Route Waypoint Map

The total ascent is 1,183 metres. Allow 7 hours to complete this 23.12 km route.

In winter months please check the local snow conditions at sais.gov.uk.

The hillphones service can inform you of stalking activities in the area.

Usually the shortest way to climb the mountain, making best use of tracks and paths to gain altitude. Route navigation requires map reading skills and an ability to navigate with a compass.

The information given here will enable you to annotate your map and plan your route. We do not give anecdotal descriptions on where to find the paths, worn by the feet of previous mountaineers.

Where the access routes are few or the ridge is narrow, paths are generally obvious. On open ground, following paths without using your compass may get you lost in poor visibility.

 Route Information
Waypoint Detail
  Start from Balsporran cottages on the A9 road
  NN62837922 Distance
423 m
Cross railway via gates and head W to gain ascent ridge
NN61647925 Distance
1.27 km
555 m
Climb path SW up to summit of Geal-Charn
NN59657826 Distance
2.26 km
917 m
Continue SSW and drop to approx 740m
NN59257663 Distance
1.75 km
740 m
Ascend SE to summit of A' Mharconaich
NN60437629 Distance
1.38 km
975 m
Head SW along ridge.
NN60137586 Distance
0.53 km
986 m
Return along ridge following a line of broken fence posts and continue SW down to col (860m)
NN59157523 Distance
1.74 km
860 m
Ascend SSW on ridge
NN58827463 Distance
0.68 km
875 m
Continue your ascent W on ridge
NN58307458 Distance
0.58 km
967 m
Bear SW to summit of Beinn Udlamain
NN57967396 Distance
0.73 km
1011 m
Follow fence S on ridge
NN57937295 Distance
0.85 km
840 m
Head E and ascend
NN58937313 Distance
1.06 km
925 m
Ascend SE onto summit ridge
NN59367269 Distance
0.64 km
946 m
Bear NE to trig-point and summit of Sgairneach Mhor
NN59897313 Distance
0.69 km
991 m
Continue E around corrie rim
NN60357321 Distance
0.47 km
903 m
Descend NE on ridge
NN60767360 Distance
0.56 km
815 m
Continue E to the end of the North East spur
NN61437368 Distance
0.74 km
758 m
Drop NE into Coire Dhomhain, cross stream (no bridge) to join landrover track
NN62587524 Distance
2.21 km
510 m
Follow track ENE to rejoin A9 road
NN63227547 Distance
0.76 km
475 m
Walk N along cycle track to starting point
  NN62837922 Distance
4.20 km
423 m

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Southeastern Highlands
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East Highlands
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Beinn Bheoil
by Metcheck
Images of Beinn Udlamain, Sgairneach Mhor, A' Mharconaich & Geal Charn [Drumochter Pass]
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 Rating & Reviews
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Written by Richard Goodman on 02 May 2011:
If the Allt Coire Dhomhain is in spate there is a bridge at NN608748 crossing it high up in the corrie along the track running beside it.
Written by Neil Campbell on 12 May 2010:
My wife and I did these 4 on the 10th of May 2010. Very cold wind and occasional hail showers but the views were excellent. We added another hour to bag the sow of atholl then another hour back along the A9. 8hrs in total I think.
Written by Andrew Blair on 27 Jul 2009:
This route is a delight! Much better than I expected having never been excited by these hills when I've driven through them. I'm sure the sunny weather played a part in it as the views were lovely in all directions. Please take a moment to go to the end of the ridge at A'Marchonaich - I watched several folk go as far as the cairn, look at their maps & turn around to head for Beinn Udlamain! They missed awesome views overlooking the corrie. 1 thing - you're on your own getting back to the A9 from Sgairneach Mhor. The clear path I followed suddenly ended & I had to wade through deep heather.
Written by Scott Strathdee on 05 Oct 2007:
I only took 6 hrs for this route that included the walk back along the road . Stunning views all around you.
Written by Rob Jeffries on 07 Jun 2004:
Munro-baggers could even experience the thrill of a Corbett by adding the Sow of Atholl onto the end of the walk for only another 200m or so of ascent!
Disclaimer. The details provided above are an aid to planning an expedition, but all distances, altitudes and bearings must be considered approximate. You must navigate with the appropriate map, a compass, your navigation skills and common sense, MunroMagic.com accept no responsibility for your interpretation of our route information.
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